Our Online Courses

Things to know
1.When your enrolment is processed, you will receive an email with the details of your learner email account. 

2. Your tutor will then send you an invitation to this email with a link to join your course via Google Classroom.

3. Please follow this link to accept the invitation. 

Our online courses are delivered through Google for Education.

To access our courses you will need:
1. A device with an internet connection, camera and microphone(e.g. PC, Laptop, Smartphone or iPad/Tablet). 

2. Google Chrome Browser OR access to the following Apps: G-Mail, Google Meet, Google Classroom & Google Docs if you are using a smartphone or iPad/ Tablet.
*If you need help to download Google Chrome or any of the Apps please visit our  Online Learning Support  page.

3. An account which we will provide you with to use while learning with us.

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